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Tax bills are mailed on or soon after November 1. The first half is due by December 20. If the first half is not paid by then, it begins to accrue interest. If the first half is paid by December 20, the last half will be due by May 10 of the following year. Second half tax bills are mailed around the middle of April. If your property taxes are paid out of an escrow account, your tax bill will be sent to the mortgage company or bank that handles your escrow account.

If your property value goes up, it does not necessarily mean you will pay more taxes. Likewise, if your property value goes down or does not change, it does not automatically mean you will pay less or the same amount of taxes. Your property taxes are based on how much your local taxing authorities decide to spend on services each year.

The first $2,300 in residential assessed value is exempt from statewide USD taxes.

Real Estate Taxes:

After December 20 and until May 10, the first half payment plus interest can be paid. If not paid by May 10, the full tax plus interest must be paid. There is no longer the option of paying the first half. If taxes are due and unpaid for three years, the property is subject to a tax foreclosure suit by the County. The property can then be sold at public auction. Anyone that has delinquent real estate taxes in the county cannot bid at these auctions.

Personal Property Taxes:

After December 20 the full amount of personal property taxes are due plus interest. Full unpaid personal property taxes are sent to the Sheriff for collection in March. If the first half taxes are paid in December, the second half is due May 10. Second half unpaid personal property taxes are sent to the Sheriff for collection in August.

Mill Levies

The mill levy is the tax rate applied to the assessed value. One mill is one dollar per $1,000 of assessed value. Since 1996 the Legislature and Governor have reduced the statewide USD levy from 35 mills to 20 mills. The County Clerk computes the mill levies for cash local taxing authority by dividing the portion of the taxing authority's budget that is property tax funded by the taxable assessed value in the taxing authority's service area.

You can view and/or print our local Tax Levy Breakdown with the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader (see above).

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