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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is another organization collecting property taxes for my county ?

A. The Information Network of Kansas (INK) is acting as an agent of your county. INK will collect payment and demographic information for the taxes before passing that along to the county.

Q. Why is there a fee charged to use this service ?

A. The Kansas County Treasurers Association and INK, a state agency, have partnered to create this application for no cost to the county. At no time were any tax dollars used to create this application. The transaction fee allows INK to recuperate their costs associated in building and maintaining the application without any charges being passed on to the county.

Q. Is the application secure ?

A. INK has dealt in online government transactions since 1992. In fact, INK created e-government. Since our inception, we have handled millions of dollars worth of e-government transactions.

Q. Can others access my property tax records ?

A. According to Kansas law, all property tax records are open public information. However, unless a user of this system has the appropriate information (i.e. statement number, parcel number, etc.) they will not be able to access the records within this system. The intent of this online tax payment system is for tax payments--it is not intended to disclose property tax records. Anybody wanting that information will need to request it in person or writing from his or her local county treasurer's office.

Q. Can I pay delinquent taxes online ?

A. No. Please contact your local county treasurer's office for a payoff amount, which would need to be remitted in person or by mail.

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