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Homestead Refund:

Complete a "Kansas Homestead Claim" Form K-40H and mail it to the Kansas Department of Revenue anytime from January 1 through April 15, 2001.

Food Sales Tax Refund:

Complete the Food Sales Tax Refund worksheet in the Kansas Individual Income Tax Booklet. Check the Food Sales Tax Refund box on the front of the Kansas Individual Income Tax Return, Form K-40, and enter the amount of the refund on line 23.

Business Machinery and Equipment Tax Credit:

Complete Schedule K-64, "Business Machinery and Equipment Tax Credit" and enclose it with your tax return along with a copy of your personal property tax receipt. If your paid receipt does not separate the tax paid on qualified property from other personal property taxes paid, obtain a breakdown of the tax paid on qualifying property from the county.

Forms are available from the Kansas Department of Revenue, driver's license exam stations, and other places of convenience throughout the state. Forms also may be ordered from the Kansas Department of Revenue's voice mail forms request line at (785) 296-4937, or download from our web page at

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