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Agricultural Land Use Value

Ag use values are used by the County Appraisers in determining agricultural land values for property tax purposes. Each agricultural tract is first separated by its actual use. The various use types are: dry cropland, irrigated cropland, tame grass, and native grass. The number of acres of each soil type in each of the various uses are then calculated. Each soil has a separate value based upon its use.

Values for each soil type is developed upon Soil Rating for Plant Growth (SRPG). SRPG is the system that rates the growth capability of each soil after taking into consideration:

  1. surface structure and nutrients
  2. water features
  3. toxicity
  4. soil reaction
  5. climate
  6. physical profile
  7. landscape.

Ag use values are set by the Property Valuation division (PVD) and are only applied by the county. The county appraiser cannot change the values if the use is properly listed.

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